About Me

Hi, I’m Stephen Menge.  I am a retired economic crimes investigator with 28 years of public service.  Over 23 of those years have been specific to the investigation of fraud, economic and white-collar crimes with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of the State Attorney.

I am a graduate from Saint Leo University with a Master of Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology.  In addition to over 1000+ hours in advanced fraud training, I am a Certified Fraud Examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  I love speaking and educating people about fraud or finding solutions to their problem.  If you would like to know more, give me a call or email.

For more information about me, check me out on Menge Consulting LinkedIn Page

In Detail about the owner:

Stephen R. Menge, MBA, CFE is the owner and founder of Menge Consulting & Investigative Services which began operating in 2019.

Stephen has investigated hundreds of cases involving fraud in practically every industry.  These investigations have ranged from complex schemes to defraud, embezzlement, theft of property valued in the millions, employee misappropriation, insurance fraud, public corruption, money laundering, theft from not-for-profit organizations, contractor and real estate fraud, as well as the financial exploitation of the elderly.

In addition to fraud in private industry, Stephen has experience with investigations involving many aspects of City, County and State government.  The responsibilities of these agencies ranged from the keeping and recording of records, economic/industrial and tourist development for various counties, public utilities, Police and Fire services.  Investigations included official misconduct, theft, public records offenses, and property/evidence related violations.

Stephen has mastered his talents in the area of fraud and investigations.  When professionals and victims alike fail to understand the fraud that befell their organization or family member, Stephen is able to cobble the pieces together and bring clarity and understanding to many situations.

Our Approach

Stephen promotes the idea that remedies to fraud can be found in many ways and every problem someone encounters has a solution. That solution may not always be a criminal complaint, and so a complaint has to be looked at from all sides. Through the analysis of information and applying an outside the box approach, solutions to any fraud can be found. Not every fraud is criminal and not every fraud is civil, however, all frauds have recourse. Which one is yours?


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